About Us

Who we are and what we do 

Why Clarus Fortior and Another View Retreats?


Fire up your business:
Clarus Fortior is the business growth consultancy dedicated to helping ambitious business individuals reach their business goals.

Leveraging expertise:
Clarus Fortior work in conjunction with Another View Retreats, utilising their unique business Retreat programmes.


Our mentoring and business growth programmes are flexible and designed to fit the individual needs of the members of the group. A wide range of programmes are delivered both online and offline.

We pride ourselves in delivering only relevant input and expertise through a rigorous process of consultation.

The mentors of Clarus Fortior have a track record of successfully developing multi-million pound enterprises.

Our strengths, values and skills:
Clarus Fortior experts have an enviable track record in building multi-million pound businesses over three decades from start-up to sale. Clarus Fortior values are based on integrity, added value, professionalism, being straight forward, and accountable.